Sunday, 27 May 2012

Dr Who & Olympic Torch

Yesterday morning I got up rather early and taken myself, my girlfriend Cheryl and the boys Joe and Elliot to see the famous Dr Who Matt Smith carrying the Olympic torch at Cardiff Bay.

Joe is a big fan of Dr Who wanted to see his hero carrying the torch.

We got to Cardiff at 05:45 and remember seeing a big crowd and we all waited for 30 mins then as this two mins demonstrates.

Family first

Luke Andrews the director of Vive La France, has completed another short film Family First which is dark zombie short film. Mr Andrews shot around Pontypool, Cwmbran and Pontypridd area. I am actually looking forward in seeing his new short film. Check out his teaser trailer.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Floodtide 80's TV series on DVD.

I remember watching bits of episode of this unknown 80's TV series Floodtide which used to a big hit in 1987-88.  The show stars the late Philip Sayer (The Hunger, 1982 & Xtro, 1983) who plays a doctor who gets tangled in a drug ring.

You can buy it now on DVD

Saturday, 12 May 2012

My Favourite Film: Ed Wood - Official Trailer

After watching Mark Kermode Blog on his favourite Top 5 Johnny Depp movies which the classic Ed Wood (1995) which was at No. 1.

Ed Wood in my opinion, is the best Tim Burton film ever made I know most people would disagree with me and choose his classic like Batman, Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands as they were also Box Office successes unlike Ed Wood. My reason why I reckon that Ed Wood is underrated masterpiece is the film about the passion of making films which in my opinion is Burton's personal vision.  The film is biopic of cult filmmaker Edward D Wood who is known as the worst filmmaker of all time.

Great performance from Johnny Depp as Ed Wood and Oscar winner Martin Landau as the burnt out Hollywood star, Bela Legosi.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Sarah's Boyfriend (2007) Short film by Lee Burgess, written by Joanne James.

In August 2006 I photographed this little film called Sarah's Boyfriend. This would be the fourth project that I worked with Lee Burgess but the first project with young writer/producer Joanne James.

Sarah's Boyfriend is a modern take of a Romeo and Juliet story about a teenaged love-struck couple who make a suicidal pact after the boyfriend is moving to France. The first location we filmed at Barry Island theme park which the style was like a fly on the wall style following the actor round the rides. At the time in a guerilla style the crew didn't get permission to film at the theme park, which I had tap on the shoulder by one of the staff, asking what was I doing? Which me telling a fib saying that I was making a student film and they just said ok but make sure that I am not filming any other tourist. This was also the first day I met fellow filmmaker Alun Pughe who I mentioned on an earlier blog. He was the stills photographer on Sarah Boyfriend.

Sarah's Boyfriend was shot four working days around Newport, Barry Island and Cwmbran. I still remember filming the final day which was a nightmare at the time but laughable when the actors went out the night before and got trashed. Luke who played the boyfriend had to do a romantic scene but had to keep going back and fourth to bathroom as he had to throw up. Overall we got the film in the can. Once the film got made we had shown at Swansea Film Festival at some isolated hotel in Port Talbot in 2007 which didn't go well due to the sound issues which some idiot who running at the festival in Port Talbot He accused us in a patronising way that it was our sound. Later when some filmmaker who made a short with equipment from Yorkshire Televsion had the same problem the same bloke kissed his backside and check the machine and it was their equipment. Bastards! As a short film Sarah's Boyfriend has got it flaws due to budget and script but what I like about the film is we met some great up and coming actors to crews like make up artist Jo-Lee Davies who has worked on eight projects I've worked. Alun obviously even though his taste in film defers with mine but a great talented filmmakers. Most of all the credit should go for Joanne James now Chinery who put together a production team in the first place and also she has done well producing a short for cult filmmaker Julian Richards (Darklands and The Last Horror Movie) and now works for the BBC. Check above Sarah's Boyfriend.

Here is me holding the camera preparing the first shot of the film.  Lee directing.


Monday, 7 May 2012

6.18.67 short documentary by George Lucas

For years I always wanted to see this documentary made by Star Wars Filmmaker George Lucas.  Lucas had followed the production team of big budget western Mackenna's Gold.  The film was made by Oscar nominated filmmaker J. Lee Thompson (The Guns of Navarone, Cape Fear and Murphy's Law) and starred Gregory Peck and Omar Sharif.  I heard that this film was the inspiration for Lucas and Spielberg's vision for the Indiana Jones movies.

The documentary is visually put together not your typical making of with interviews etc.  Lucas chooses his visuals and atmospheric of the locations with poetic vision.

Also here is an Asian trailer of the film.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Extra work

On October 2009 I was doing more extra work for an S4C comedy drama Arc Y Tracs which means I think Off The Tracks.  It was produced and written by Ruth Jones from her production company Tidy Productions.

I drove in my crappy rust bucket that was once a Peugeot 106 to ITV Wales studios at Culverhouse Cross and went straight to unit base and got made up as a mime artist for a X Factor sorted of talent show.

Once made up me and other extras got on set which was this hotel not too far from the TV studios.

Below you will find a still of me trying to be a mime between the two main actor arguing after the short guy on the right wasn't selected for the competition but his hairy friend who was helping him out got chosen.  My job was to mime behind them and make funny faces.  All I remember was that Ruth Jones thought my performance was funny, and that done in one take.

Once the scene was completed it was home time.

Arc Y Tracs was broadcast just a couple of days before christmas on S4C and if anybody watched the show you would of seen for 2 secs.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Glow and In Lust

I has just been confirmed that two short films that I co-produced will be shown Carmarthen Bay Film Festival. Lee Burgess award winning short Glow will be shown on Thursday 10th May at 14:30 and Michael O'Connor second short In Lust will be shown on Friday the 11th at 17:00. Great news for them both. As this great news is going on both talented filmmaker are busy trying to get feature films off the ground. Lee is developing Glow as a feature film which I am co-writing and Michael is shooting his first feature film Caring and Killing which has finished in production. You can see both short film on my other blogs. Glow In Lust