Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Black Panther BFI Release

Coming out in May is this unknown 70's gem. First time released on DVD/Blu-Ray and also the first time it been release to the public since the video release in the 1980's comes The Black Panther. The Black Panther is a dark thriller based on true event in 1974, A gung-ho ex-military man named Dennis Neilson who pursues a secret life of crime, culminating in the kidnapping of a teenage heiress for only the ransom goes wrong. On it release in 1977, The Black Panther had caused controvesy due to the case was only after a year when it happened. The Black Panther was written by cult filmmaker Michael Armstrong (Mark of the Devil & Eskimo Nell) and directed by Ian Merrick. Merrick creates tension in slow but intensed style like how Neilson prepares his crimes to every detail. It's like how The Day of The Jackal was directed. Great performances from the cast, from Donald Stumper was plays Nelison creates a dark tension from how he treats his family in a military fashion to how he deals with the rich heiress. I would highly recommend this film to everyone.

Check out this trailer.

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Her Private Hell (1967) - trailer

Check out this trailer of cult director's Norman J. Warren debut film Her Private Hell (1967).

Monday, 26 March 2012

Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection Teaser Trailer 2012

Coming soon. (2/03/12)
* Last night my friend David Beynon had told some news that James Plumb and Andrew Jones film Night of The Living Dead: Resurrection will be at Cineworld cinemas around Cardiff and Newport and other cineworld this Friday. Also it be on DVD as well. If you check on the top left hand corner. Best of luck guys.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Root Films Announces Svengali | Svengali

Two weeks ago I was on the set of this feature length drama Svengali, which was originally an on-line drama starring Jonathan Owen the star of the Welsh box office hit A Bit of Tom Jones.  In next few days I be doing a write up of the set and stills of the behind the scenes.

In the meantime check out the website.

Root Films Announces Svengali | Svengali

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Stalker (2010) directed by Martin Kemp

Stalker is dark atmospheric horror thriller debut by writer/director Martin Kemp. Kemp is known for being 80's band Spantau Ballet and starring in Eastenders and The Krays. Stalker is inspired by the cult 1975 video nasty Expose which starred Linda Hayden, Udo Kier, Fiona Richmond. The only difference between the two films is that Stalker is less sleazy than Expose as Stalker isn't.

Here's an interview from Martin Kemp

Stalker is an atmospheric thriller about an award winning writer Paula Martin, (Anna Brecon) after having a nervous breakdown stays at this isolated countryhouse to finishs off writing her second novel with help with her PA (Jane March)who is hired by Paula Editor to help takes the pressures off.

But as the story develops, all is not as it seems. Is Linda a serial killer who's been stalking Paula for years? With slimy journalist Robert Gainer (Billy Murray) seemingly on a mission to ruin Paula with a story of her breakdown, it's left to her analyst Leo Fox (Colin Salmon) to race to her rescue... but will he arrive in time?

This is directoral debut from actor and Spantau Ballet star Martin Kemp as a film it very atmosperic and great performance from Anna Brecon and the underrated Jane March (The Lover). Also you will find veteran actress Linda Hayden who was in the original film ExposeAlso you will find veteran actress Linda Hayden who was in the original film Expose playing the house-keeper.

The violence in the film very well put together for the budget of £100,000 and made in one location without it being boring.

I would highly recommend this film to anyone who like their thrillers and violence.

Check out the scene from the original film Expose starring Linda Hayden.

Here is the trailer of Stalker (2010)