Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Squeeze (1977) Directed by Michael Apted

While most people like talk about their best British gangster movies like Get Carter, Long Good Friday and Lock Stock which I highly admire.  I don't want to dicuss those films as most people are aware of their existence.  I like to talk about a British gangster that no one probably unaware of.  It's a film by Michael Apted and written by Minder writer Leon Griffiths called The Squeeze.  The Squeeze is one of those films I have to confess I never heard of.  It was until I stayed in London attending on those film workshops that Chris Jones was running at Ealing Studios I actually discover it on Channel 5 when 5 used to broadcast obscure films like the Confession films and classic foreign film that was English dubbed.  Well The Squeeze came with this cool soundtrack and Freddie Starr as an actor.  So I had to watched it.

The Squeeze is a tough kidnap thriller starring Stacy Keach as a booze-sodden ex-cop Naboth who has to dry out when his ex-wife and young daughter are kidnapped by a bunch of robbers, their plan to rob a security van full of cash.  Freddie Starr plays an ex-con who helps Naboth to rescue his ex-wife and her daughter and try to get him out of the drinks.  The criminals are played by David Hemmings and Stephen Boyd (his last film) played the sinister kidnappers.

After watching the film I always wished for its DVD release as I thought it was a great movie and great performance from Freddie Starr, it's a shame he never made more films and he's more known for eating hamster than The Squeeze.  I always read in crime books on British crime film that it's one of the most underated movies of the 70's.  Maybe one day that time will come when The Squeeze will get a DVD release. Also check out this review about the film.

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  1. Just watching this now - and liking it a lot!