Wednesday, 14 September 2011

SWEET REVENGE - an award winning short film by Paul James

Six years ago I shot this short film down at Cardiff for this up and coming film company Panik Attak. this was Paul James aka Paul Jay first short as director and his brother Anthony James after making a couple of music videos wrote and produced this short Sweet Revenge which was a one day shoot with a two camera set-up which we used Sony PD150 and a Panasonic Mini DV.

I remember having a great time shooting finding over the wall camera angles and having a laugh making films.  Ok to some people one day shoot isn't enough but in my opinion it the shoot more creative if you are working with great people.

There the finale with we got a fight scene which the PD150 supposed to record but when we checked the footage, it actually stopped halfway.  It turned out it old camera that cocked up.  I was really angry about it.  The show had to go on and redo the take.  It came out really well.

As mentioned I had fond memories of Sweet Revenge, and when Paul won his award at Swansea.  I was chuffed for him and glad I was part of it.


Directed by Paul James, 'Sweet Revenge' tells of an encounter between Sweet, a successful drug dealer, and Matt, the courier Sweet suspects is guilty of ripping him off.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Industry My Arse: Trailer and synopsis

As you all probably know I been writing bits of blogs on my adventures of interviewing filmmakers like Norman J Warren, Pete Walker and Cliff Twemlow.

For two years me and my good friend David Beynon have been developing this documentary for two years. Rather than just talking about making a documentary and not doing it. We decided to go for it and make a documentary about British indie filmmaking during the eighties era.

Industry My Arse: Trailer and synopsis: Industry My Arse teaser trailer from Dave Beynon on Vimeo . Contact us for password if needed, otherwise the trailer will be public Aug...