Monday, 27 June 2011

Mike Hodges unsung masterpiece The Terminal Man (1974)

Tonight I like to write about a film which I consider as an underrated classic British filmmaker's Mike Hodges
After Hodges directed two cult Michael Caine movies the classic
The film is about an highly intelligent computer scientist Harry Benson
George Segal is suffering with dangerous seizures due to a car accident Benson decide to have an experimental brain surgery. Electrodes are attached to 40 terminals of his brain to counteract his violent impulses. The experiment has backfired and the seizures return...with a terminal vengeance.
The Terminal Man. I discovered this film purely by accident on video at Llanelli Market in 1999 so out of curiosity I bought it.  Get Carter(1971) and Pulp (1972), Warner Bros asked Hodges to direct, write and produced Michael Crichton's novel The Terminal Man which he said yes.

At the time The Terminal Man was made during the time when Hodges suffered a brief spell of depression. He was influenced by artist
 Get Carter and Beyond the film never had a UK release but was a big hit in Japan. As the years have gone The Terminal Man has been acclaimed by many legendry filmmakers like Terrence Malick who had sent Hodge's a telegram expressing how much he loved The Terminal Man and also writer of the Nicolas Roeg's cult film The Man Who Fell to Earth Paul Mayersberg had express in the introduction of Get Carter and Beyond that The Terminal Man is one of Hodges best films. Mayersberg ended up working with Hodges on the minor hit Croupier (1998) starring Clive Owen.
The film at the time had flopped at the US box office, many believe was due to Hodges choice of having George Segal as the lead. Segal is usually known at the time playing comedic roles.  In my opinion it was a brave for Hodges but an intelligent one what I like about Segal was you can believe he can be nice one minute then go insane the next, but you feel for him.  Probably the same way you feel for Frankenstein’s monster.   Glen Gould music is very disturbing especially the scene where Harry Benson kills his girlfriend on the waterbed which visually cold but memorable.
From reading the biopic of Mike Hodges:
 Region 1.I know even though this film had been popular on late night TV on Channel 4 in the 90's, this film hasn't had a DVD release.   The good news is that now you get it on DVD on
Edward Hooper's paintings which if anybody see this film will know why. It has got this cold look especially in the hospital scene.

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Lo-To-No Budget Filmmaking London Raindance

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

SICKNOTE - Righteous - NuvoEdit

In January 2011, I filmed this video for a band Sicknote. Again talented graphic artist Norris Nuvo edited and put some finishing touches check it out.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Since March 2010 I been filming this innovative Cardiff based dance called Sicknote I heard about this innovative colourful band after the talented artist and friend Norris Nuvo had asked me to film his installation at the Green Rooms and to film Sicknote.  As I always enjoyed meeting new creative people and I also own Norris a favour I travelled down the rainy roads of Treforest and filmed this ten minute epic

From this experience I met the band doghouse, flapsandwich, filth, nocash and the famous dr. conker who enjoys dance around in a Scottish Kilt on stage. I know you part of their gang when the sicknote's security gives you a clothes peg which is in the video above.

Check out two music version of Sicknote's music video Wrong.

The second time I came down to film a video associated with Sicknote was to film their Phone in Sick party in January 2011 at the clwb ifor bach in Cardiff.

Here's a bit of video Dr conker that I filmed of his return after he been away for a short while.

Two weeks later me and Norris Nuvo co-directed a music video together for Sicknote called Benefit Cheat which is on my website but you can check it on here as well.  Me and Norris filmed filmed the band in the limo, which before we could start filming the driver wanted the money upfront before we can start filming.  For two hours we filmed in the limo going round the city centre while our heroes and friend got ratassed.  It was very entertaining.  Then a couple of days later I travelled to Lampeter to film their gig as part of the video.

If anybody who wants to know more about Sicknote you can have a look on their website