Thursday, 26 May 2011

In Lust (2011) directed by Michael O'Connor *

Last year I co-produced with my regular filmmaker Lee Burgess along with the talented writer/director and soundman Michael O'Connor  on his second short film In Lust (2011) 

In Lust was a four day shoot on April 2010 like Enjoy The Night it was a baptism on fire with a great cast and a talented crew.  We did have a bumpy start after the film technician refused to lend a camera to Michael after they found that Michael wasn't a film student anymore.  So Michael rang me up to get pick my camera or they haven't got a film to make.  I know at the time the cinematographer wasn't happy that the film was going to be shot with the Canon XL1s, but never mind.  A camera is a camera, it just how you used it.


It starts with a phone call and ends with a message.

When Duncan gets a call from his ex, he begins to question his motives behind their break-up.

Meanwhile, Duncan's mistress, Anna, is having doubts about where their relationship is headed and decides to take matter into her own hands.

Guiding each of them is someone Duncan knows all too well, someone he needs to get away from... It's time for Duncan to learn that sometimes Love and Lust are inseparable.
Prevously we co-produced an early short called Enjoy The Night which we shot very quickly as we tried to get funding for another short project Train.  Sadly we didn't get the film Train made but the ambitious Michael wrote another script In Lust.

* updated 04/12/11

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Industry My Arse Blog:Michael J.Murphy

Coming towards two years ago me and co-filmmaker Dave Beynon have been travelling around the UK interviewing filmmakers and actors about independent filmmaking in the UK.

One of our subject is on Michael J. Murphy who is one of those Maverick filmmakers who been making as a schoolboy in the 1960's to the 21st century.

If I had to be honest I never heard of Michael J Murphy until my friend David Beynon mention it on this website when I started a forum Lost Cult Classic which people started talking about films like Cannon Films, The Monster Squad, Cohen and Tate.

Between 2006 to 2009 I meet up with Dave either at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff or on a film set.  We usually talk about filmmakers like Pete Walker, Norman J Warren, Italian Films... you know the score.

During the time we filmed the making of The People Behind The Animals Dave mention that someone should make a documentary on the unknown filmmakers like Michael J Murphy, Cliff Twemlow and John Eyres.

Somehow we both came to the agreement that we are the people to make this documentary.

For this blog I want to talk about Michael J Murphy.  At the time I heard that he was a very reclusive man based in Portsmouth so after researching who can we ask to get an interview with Mike, I discovered an independent DVD called Sarcophilous Films which released Mike's famous film Invitation To Hell.  I emailed one of the distributors Wayne Maginn who arrange the interview.

On October 2009 I picked up Wayne from Cheltenham and had a long drive to Portsmouth which at the time was a nightmare as it took an hour to find Mike's place.  Due to Sat nav turnaround back to Wales and come back again.  In the end we found it.  Mike given us a nice welcome.  I filmed three hours of footage from Mike showing us posters and stills of his films to Wayne showing Mike the trailer of Mike's film Bloodstream which Mike's disowned had the time.

We chatted outside his garden and coming in was actor and fellow friend Philip Lyndon who starred in Mike's film Death Run, Moonchild, Torment and Atlantis.

After the interview we had broth and then I drove back to Cheltenham and got back home at midnight.

After the interview we had broth and then I drove back to Cheltenham and got back home at midnight.

From now I’ll be talking about mine and Dave's documentary Industry My Arse on my blogs.

So far we have got 30 hrs. of footage and we have done a teaser trailer which will on the blogs on a later date.

For all those cult fans who like their off the wall cult films.  Check out this British Filmmaker Michael J. Murphy.

Also check out our website at which includes the trailer and blogs.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

New Web Site Up

Hi! After days of frustration attempting to put up this website.  Now here it is!  For now I attached my short film Mummy Fell Asleep and a Music Video, for anyone wants to see these little films; feel free and enjoy!