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I Seen That Bridge Before: on set of The Murdoch Mysteries

On the 31st August 1999*, I was on the set of the cult TV series Murdoch Mysteries which was set shot at Bristol. 

Driving down from Trelewis to Bristol wasn't a problem, it was when the Sat-nav got confused and I drove a couple of block until I found it.  It was a pain in the arse as I was ten minutes late, luckily enough the crew were cool.

At the time I wasn't familiar with this much loved Canadian TV series which when I got on set I noticed the avid fans came all the way from Newcastle to Bristol to watch the filming.

The one thing I can say is how nice the Canadian crew are.  I call you their "friend", which when they needed me to walk past  Yannick Bisson's Murdoch and Lisa Faulkner.  The first assistant said "My friend, what's your name?
I replied John.
He then "John, all I want you to do is when Murdoch says, 'I seen that bridge before'.  You walk past him".
And then says "Ok".
All I thinking was I never seen an first assistant so cool and easygoing.  Usually the majority of 1st Assistant Director are usually short fused bastards with a Jekyll and Hyde complex.

As Normal the first assistant director shouts out "First in position", then he shouts says "Sound"
Soundman shouts out, "Sound rolling"
1st then shouts "Camera"
Cameraman shouts "Camera speed"
Mark It says 1st.
Just in case anyone wants to know what slate this scene this was?  Well to be honest with you I don't know.

Well on the first take waiting for my cue for Murdoch talking to Lisa Faulkner's character, then... "I seen that bridge before".  Then I walk past our eponymous hero he gets startled, as I keep walking... CUT!

Yannick asked if he can do the take again as I walked too soon.  Yannick calls me "My friend, can you stamp your feet after he says "I seen that bridge before".  I said yes ok.

So Take two and action.  "I seen that bridge before". STAMP right foot and past Murdoch and his lady and kept walking until... CUT!

Yannick was happy and the director decided to have a a third take for safety.  Take three. Action.  I Seen that Bridge before, Stamp my feet walk past Murdoch keep walking until.... CUT.  Piece of cake.

OK change from a posh Victorian gentleman into a working class worker with sideburns and a mustache as you can see
We filmed at some old Victorian street in Bristol which had to push a trolley past as Murdoch and some baddies pass.

Here is a since from the start where you should see me pushing a trailer while Murdoch is being chased by some bad people.

Later on us extras went on the bus to the city centre of Bristol and filmed by these step that's called "The Christmas Steps" which another chased scene which Murdoch is on a bicycle with Lisa Faulkner's stunt double cycling down on the step almost hitting us crowd.  After that then it was home time.

Overall from what I remember about this day was it was great shoot to be in.

*I just realised after the last few weeks I written this blog, thank to a great friend Paul Higson, I typed an error at the start of the paragraph. I put the wrong year 1999 instead 2009.  So my apologise.

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