Friday, 12 August 2011

Film Extra work blog:

While this website is mainly about my filmmaking adventures and talking about filmmaking, I also like to tell you some adventures as a film extra or if all you politically correct people out there "The Supporting Artiste".  I been a film extra for seven years which I in shows like Dr Who, Gavin and Stacey, Merlin and Casualty.
For four weeks I have been doing a couple on three TV productions. Tonight I going to start my blog on The Shirley Bassey Story which will be shown on BBC in the autumn.

On that rainy that Sunday 17th July I was on the set of Shirley Bassey story which was filmed at the great building Newbridge Memorial Hall.  The Memorial Hall is very known on TV productions such Dr. Who, Sherlock and films such as Very Annie Mary, House! and Flick.

I came on set thinking that I was going to have a haircut only for to see unhappy make artist looking at me quite hesitate and says to an older make-up and says "This gentlemen hair is a bit long, what should I do?"

I always find it funny whenever I get these job, you always expect the unexpected.  As I said earlier Jacqui rang me up on Friday to ask if I could work on Sunday, I said yes.  She then asked if my hair was short. I honestly replied it getting longest and that I was planning to get it cut and that I can get it cut tomorrow.  She told me not to worry make-up will sort that out.  Again always expect the unexpected.

I still remember the first job I done with another agency I was told to have a shave for a Welsh language Victorian drama set in Birmingham.  Again on set I was told I was going to a beggar and got questioned why did I shave?  I my reply was the extra agent told me that I need to give a good impression my first day.  So the make-up artist not only had problems with my beardless face they had issues with my piercing blue eyes as I suppose to be a hard done by beggar.  So I told her I could be homeless for the first time today... well no-one's lying are they?

Well back to Shirley Bassey, the first scene that we filmed was at the cinema part at Newbridge which was set at this grotty theatre in Glasgow.  So us extras played a Glasgowians throws orange and bananas peelings at some unfunny comedian.

Then Shirley Bassey Ruth Negga comes on stage.  Us audience is still hostile, but Miss Bassey sticks to her guns and sings a song.  We all loved her voice.

First scene finished then get ready to be bit more upper class wearing suit in some nightclub in London in the 1950's again at the Memorial Hall.  Again the make-up looks at me and says your hair is too long for the 50's you have to wait for the 60's.  That would be after lunch.

Had lunch at 2.00pm It was chicken cook dinner but they were lacking some vegetables but never mind the food was free.

The third set up was set in the 60's at another nightclub which Miss Bassey sing a song from the musical Oliver.  On set was Charlie Creed-Miles (Harry Brown  & Nil By Mouth ) which plays one of Bassey's boyfriends also on set was Harry Potter star Henry Lloyd-Hughes who plays her fiancĂ© Kenneth Hughes.

Later on she sings the Banana song which we all dance around.

Once finished home time.

Next week I will blog about another extra story.

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