Wednesday, 3 August 2011


On March 2011 I  co-produced with soundman and director Michael O'Connor a short Eplision for BAFTA nominated filmmaker Matt Brown.  Matt was nominated for short film Scratching (2005) which starred the young Craig Roberts who just in the critically acclaimed Submarine (2011).

I known Matt for 12 years since Newport Film School to working together on other short film and last year I was one of the cameramen on the Feature length music documentary that Matt Brown production company on Newport County Music Festival

Epilsion like Scratching part of a trilogy on what he calls him his mindf*** trilogy.  Eplision is a dark David Cronenberg style short about a a guy who suffering with memory loss and how deals with memories.  This is going to a Matt 'Brownenberg' experience.

If you click on Eplision you will see a 10 second trailer and also click on Scratching you will see Mr Brown's talents as a filmmaker.  They are high-lighted above.  So enjoy....

Also check out Matt's website at

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