Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Crimson Field aka The Ark Production Stills

Last year I worked on a BBC TV series of first World War Drama Crimson Fields which known at the time as The Ark.  It starred Suranne Jones, Kerry Fox, &  "Charlie Chaplin's Granddaughter", Oona Chaplin who starred as group of nurses treating all the wounded soldier. I was one of the wounded soldiers which I done a couple of days filming around this lovely town called Malesbury, in Wiltshire.   It film on this field near this stately home.  I have to be honest it was a great shoot with the other SA's and the crew were down to earth.

It the shame the BBC didn't commission a second series as the show was a good drama.  Also I heard at the time that Beeb rent the land for five year, hoping each year would go through series from the four years of the war.

Here is a group of photo I had taken of one the day's filming.

Here some of the old vehicals


Some of the SA's ready for their close ups.